We are so diversified!! There are so many BoFs! They will be listed in alphabetical order, we carry a 3/4" hanger for ALL BoFs, if there is a special logo it will be listed next, and if there is a name tag (very few have name tags) it will be on the BoF Badges link. Several have a defalt color and format, those without a special color are marked with an * and you must select your own color...or we get to! :-)

Product Image Price- Qty. Item Name
Badge Hangers $3.50

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Badge Hangers

Hangers are added to your name badge to show all sorts of stuff!! They tell everyone that you belong to certain BoFs and chapters, have served one or...
BoF Badges $6.00

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BoF Badges

These badges are offered for those who want name tags showing their participation in a Birds of a Feather group, instead of a string of hangers!!...

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