About Us

Beth Callow-Soles and 'Red' Latta are the "Too CrAzY Ladies". We have been traveling the RV, Dog, Horse and Craft Show circuits for years, making available a source for quality badges and similar products. We are always finding new and unique ways to ply our trade.  Due to the fact we are on-site at these events, most products are manufactured and delivered as you enjoy the event.

Many people have asked a lot of questions of us.  How did you pick this business?  How did you meet?? Are you sisters?  Twins?  How long have you been in business?  Where do you come up with all the ideas?  Where did the name come from?

Red's father-in-law started us engraving.  We each did this with our husbands  prior us us starting the Too Crazy Ladies.  We met at Beth's birth, as Red is a bit older, we are cousins....so not sisters or twins. As kids we wanted to work and travel, work and travel...we did so with our last husbands, having been on the road from the mid 1970s.  Together, it only took us 9 husbands and 30 years to get our act together;  TCL was started in 1994. The name came from a fair director who said we had to have a business name; we had thought of "2 Whippy Broads" to which she told us it wasn't dignified enough for us and you girls are "2 crazy ladies and we'll spell it T-O-O" and it has been thus ever since!  IDEAS? Where do they come from??  They come from you, our customers, so contained on this site are things you have asked us to make, suggestions we have capitalized on.  If you have a great idea locked up in your head, tell us and we'll do our best to make it happen!

YOU are important to us, no order is too small.  Doing for you is what adds zing to our lives and makes us happy.



For us, there have been lots of changes over the years, a new trailer in 'O4, no more tent, nor many of the products we had in there, in '05 a new van, a newer motorhome in '08.  The addition of vinyl printing and cutting equipment in '03.  In 2008 we are learning how to imprint colors on to the name badges and engraving plastic!!  AND learning to write this web site!  Who says you can't teach 2 old dogs new tricks?!

Now, with access made available through the World Wide Web, you can order directly from us and have your items custom made and sent to you. You can also check our schedule and see where we are going to be if you want to meet us in person or get faster service. When you do stop by, let us know you read this page and if you enjoyed it.

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