Heartland Hangers Personal and Event

Starting at:

$3.50 for each hanger. One Line personal or 2 line personal hangers along with event hangers can be ordered for your badge. Fill in the text for the personal hanger and/or select each event hanger you want to order.

Hangers will tell folks where you're from, your forum name and the rallies you have attended. We can add personal information such as a ham call, favorite phrase or just about anything you can fit into a 2 lines 20 spaces per line format or one line format in larger print and therefore limited to 15 spaces.

Please Fill in the following:

2 Line hangers limited to 20 spaces each

( +$3.50 )

1 Line Hanger Limited to 15 Spaces

( +$3.50 )

Event Hangers

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