Shipping & Returns

Dear Customers, Too Crazy Ladies' main goal is to make sure you get the right products that enhance your organization and promote your cause.  We pride ourselves on shipping everything ordered by Friday night on Monday.  Bulk orders take 2-3 weeks to produce, and we appreciate you ordering with this in mind.

 We ask your help in supporting our Return Policy:

Returning a Stock Item:

A stock item is one we have pre-fabricated and does not require specific artwork or special production.

You can return any stock items within 30 days of the purchase date. Should you need to return some product, please CALL or EMAIL us for an RMA. An RMA is required for returns. It is important that it is returned in like original packaging. A refund will then be issued according to the original payment method. The customer is responsible for a 25% restocking fee and any shipping charges involved.

Please note that you can also exchange stock items of equal value. For example, say you order 10 poodle breed decals and decide afterwards that Shelties would actually fit better with your event. We can exchange them quickly at no extra charge. You are only responsible for the shipping charges that incur.

Returning a Custom Item:

Custom items are those that have personalized artwork or text (whether printed, engraved, or large volume etc.) or are made to custom specifications (like a custom size or color).

In fairness, custom products generally cannot be returned for a refund, the most obvious being that we just can't resell a product that has your personalized logo or text on it.

However, we understand the possibility for error in our production, after all we are all human, and we will rectify our mistakes as quickly as possible.

In order to take care of you in a timely manner, production errors should be reported to us immediately, and must be done within 30 days. Once we verify our error, we may need you to ship the product back to us while we set up a corrected order. Please call  or send an email for an RMA number. We can reimburse you to cover the extra shipping costs in this case, however an RMA number is required. The corrected order will ship out ASAP.

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